Old stuff (undated)

(I can only assume by the paper used, and the subject matter, that this was written some time in the late 90s.)


Millions of people every day

Walk in different directions.

They seem to connect,

but they just pass each other

at various speeds.

Cars, driven down streets – Black with yellow lines.

There seems to be a touch and go situation.

Through windshields reflecting the sun,

a driver stares — expressionless!


A girl I loved once.

A dark look of sex

The kiss of Death

What can be done to avoid that which cannot be avoided.

There stood a girl.

A woman that sent a freshman heart in trembles.


A vision

An awakening

Tearing apart what is sheltered.


open and free,

a door ajar,

Pushed open to the world.


Seeing is believing — believing lies in the mind of its beholder,

whether or not reality exists.



Published by Mind Stroll

This is a collage. This is old and new. This is mainly new added to old. This is not a test.

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