(This poem was a draft that I picked over. I can’t currently find a total rewrite, so I am putting the draft on here as it was edited.)


Sometimes I can’t find my way home so I sit here feeling sorry myself

Feeling like I should leave.

Winter rolls around

I want to die

Gotta quit drinking

Gotta quit jacking off

The jedi needs focus.

I’ve been in such a moody state.

It’s not cool.

Gotta chill out / Gotta kick this rock in my path

Kick it the hell out of the way.

Don’t want to be down for the rest of my life

I just got in a rut the last few years

Learn from the past instead of making new mistakes

Pick my dusty ass off the ground

Quit projecting my frustration on to others.

Need to dry up

Need to clear the mind

Need to read

Lay down


One of these days, I need to sleep.

I am a voice that needs to be expressed.

I need to be cool

like I always was before.

Everything will come my way.


Stay focused.

Forget the trivial.

It’s all livin’.

It could end tomorrow.

Live right today.

Live, man.


Published by Mind Stroll

This is a collage. This is old and new. This is mainly new added to old. This is not a test.

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