More crap from the ’90s

(Most of the following poems were found in a few different notebooks. Some of it has potential. Some of it is complete shit. Either way, this process still allows me to purge these old papers each time I add them to this blog.)



She speaks of the past

as something horrid;

something so unspeakably wrong.

A fault from her past.

Letting go of the bad,

and the good,


She speaks of the future

as dark as the past.

Going one day to the next

Alone with her heart

Tattered and torn.

Scars burn for the good,

yearn for the good,

yet deny

that all things will pass.

Once again,

they will pass.

As the cars do

outside a picture window.

A dog and a cat

both lay at her feet

as the present dwindles.

Each second.

Each minute.

They dwindle

into what was

and what might have been.


“Water Down”

Water Down

Ice in the bottom of a glass

Watered down bourbon I drink

Squared to the sides

Mirrored bar vision

Watered down bourbon

I think

I’ll have another.



Is it me

Or does everyone have a problem?

Can it be that I am blind?


My subconscious behavior

runs too quickly.



This poem is going nowhere right now.

A cluster of  thoughts.


Ain’t that a shame?




Will you please let me know

what you have been hiding?

Will you please forgive me

for scratching and biting?

It’s in the head;

the pain that lies.

It’s in the head;

it’s from the skies.

It’s from your mom;

it’s from your dad.

The things you did;

the time we had.

It’s from the finish.

It’s from the start.

It’s from the stomach.

It’s from the heart.

That pain you feel;

the rain you see.

The fire in your heart

that yearns for me.


(The following bits were found on 3×5 note cards. No dates were provided.)


Isn’t easy, is it?

Isn’t easy at all.

It’s silly… ha, ha, ha…

Hilarious that we make

such a big deal

of it. Ain’t it…easy to be



Little narratives

of everyday life

Make good for those who know better

(those who know nothing at all).

To inform and dismay

Give blank day to day

What others have already filled in.


A morning dawn was left unbroken,

when Steven lay in bed.

The nurse and doctor came to call.

Already, he was dead.


The family cried and mourned aloud,

and gathered amidst the drear.

The open casket gave them view,

to give regards, revere.


Thank you for the legs.

Thank you for the glances.

I know it could have happened,

but life is all missed chances.


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This is a collage. This is old and new. This is mainly new added to old. This is not a test.

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