Jr. high revisited: “Nuh-tendo” style

Pro Wrestling was groundbreaking and addictive. Many hours were spent defeating opponents on the way towards a championship bout against Great Puma. This game was no joke. Long live Starman!
I remember the hype followed by the disappointment. This was no Double Dribble.
Speaking of which, Double Dribble (mascots included) was the greatest basketball game of its time. Not having played any recent basketball games on all the “much higher tech” game systems now, I am guessing Double Dribble doesn’t hold up to the graphics. However, I am doubting the new games allow you to shoot 3-pointers like a beast from the sweet spots on each court..
What a joke! Who actually enjoyed flying planes into an aircraft carrier over and over again?
Until Blades of Steel skated into the rink of play, this one got it done…kind of.
Although the graphics on this one were amazing at time of its release, Bases Loaded sat in the dugout most days after Baseball Stars joined my collection.

Gyromite – a waste of a game released with the original Nintendo system and the only game (in memory) that required use of the “even-more-worthless piece of plastic” robot, R.O.B.

There are a few games that I seem to remember as enjoying and this one may have been in that category. If anything, I sure enjoyed the picture of those “karate masters” on the sticker.
First off, why would anyone want to own a game that forced him/her to look at this guy’s ugly mug each time it was played? Secondly, the only football game in town was Tecmo Super Bowl. Anything else was completely uncivilized.
I kind of remember this game, but I don’t remember a big demand for beach volleyball in my childhood gaming days.
There is a reason why this game is the highest priced “used” game of the mix. Hours were spent constructing bike courses that ended up being huge failures for the digital bike guy, but they were sure fun to try.
Although this is not a Nintendo game, NFL Football ’94 featured a play-by-play commentator that sounded like a very drunk Bob Barker. Many hours were spent on this one…and for what?

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This is a collage. This is old and new. This is mainly new added to old. This is not a test.

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