REEL Thoughts #2: Mannequin

You know those movies that you thought you liked as a much younger person, but then you try to rewatch the
same movie much later in life, only to find out, A) how poor
your younger movie-going taste was at that point in your life; B) movie choices were slim at the time; or, C) it’s probably choice A.

I can’t really fault my moregoing tastes all that much. Sometimes it didn’t matter had it how good or good it was in the grand scheme. this point in life, at the ripe young age of 12. It was all about the experience.

Mannequin released in February 13, 1987. Made on an estimated 16 million, this Cannon Films Production raked in nearly 43 million Worldwide by the end of its theater run. Final Box office numbers from 1987 have placed at 27 overall.

Surprisingly, Spaceballs came in at 31 overall.

Survey 100 people on the street right now and ask them if they have seen (or even heard) of Mannequin, you will probably get 10 or less yesses and/or subtle (maybe slightly embarrassed) head nods.

Ask that same bunch of folks if they have seen (or heard of) spaceballs, you’re looking at a cool 50+%.

1987 had some decent movies, but movies like Mannequin usually played warm up to the blockbuster season. January through mid-May releases were there to keep the masses watching leisurely as they anticipate the summer even5s.

Mannequin had the luxury of dropping 24 hours prior to Valentine’s Day. A unique idea at the time, the cringeworthy acting and eye-rolling scenarios make it nearly unwatchable at times.

However, there are probably a few spots in the story that would have appealed to a 12 year old with a vivid imagination.

Kim Catrall and Andrew McCarthy (feat. Estelle Getty) star in this really poorly scored 80s soundtrack-driven Rom-Com.

The Top 10 worldwide box office movies of 1987 were:

10. The Witches of Eastwick

9. Lethal Weapon

8. Stakeout

7. The Secret of My Success

6. The Untouchables

5. Moonstruck

4. Good Morning, Vietnam

3. Beverly Hills Cop II

2. Fatal Attraction

1. Three Men and a Baby


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