Musings while watching The Ultimate Warrior’s Greatest Matches

(Just the beginning of something. I haven’t decided if this is a piece of a script or just some nonsense that I won’t look at again for another 6 months. I needed to get something on digital paper.) Joe walked onto the elevator. It was that same, drab brown half-paneled/half-carpeted box that he entered atContinue reading “Musings while watching The Ultimate Warrior’s Greatest Matches”


Paul had a siamese twin: Sol. Paul didn’t really know his twin existed. Paul and Sol were separated after birth. Paul and Sol each had one testicle, though neither knew this about the other. Their parents – Jay and Lisa – kept it very quiet through late night or lazy, anxiety-ridden Sunday afternoons when guiltContinue reading “Siamese”

Where does it come from?

(1st shitty draft on 12/27/16    11:21 p.m.) (2nd shitty draft started 8/28/19 4:38 p.m.) Zachariah was a grocery store clerk bagger. He wore a blue vest over his clothes over red or white t-shirts because any color “just doesn’t look right.” Even though his name tag cannot fit his full first name because he choosesContinue reading “Where does it come from?”