Wrong Side of the Bed

(Originally written Spring 1996. I was taking a creative writing night class at KCKCC when this was originally written. 7:30 a.m. (Some Monday morning) It was bad enough that another Monday snuck around the corner again. What made things ten times as bad was the rain and dreariness Pete viewed through his bedroom window uponContinue reading “Wrong Side of the Bed”

Class Less One

Ms. Stanwich stood, perspiring from all pores, glaring at her 7th grade class. It was a small class of eight rambunctious boys and seven insecure young ladies. “I would like to begin classzzskll with a slls-hort writing asszzskll-ignment,” Ms. Stanwich said. Her lisp was grating to the ears. The cacophony of mixed syllables that followed what shouldContinue reading “Class Less One”

10:30 p.m. Saturday Night

10:30 p.m.      Saturday night April 15th was a bit on the rainy side, but that didn’t change anything about the weekly poker game that John and the boys had every other Saturday night. Being the only unmarried / girlfriend-less guy in the group, John had the luxury of hosting the game most of the time.Continue reading “10:30 p.m. Saturday Night”