“Table Games”

“Here’s how to make it in life,” Charlie growled. “You don’t go around demandin’ respect without bein’ willin’ to give respect.” Charlie paused and reached for his coffee. He only asked people to fill it “halfway” so he wouldn’t shake it all over himself on the way to his mouth. Was it old age? Parkinson’s?Continue reading ““Table Games””


SCENE: Two mid-twenties guys sitting at coffee shop bar. Russ is dressed in a blue sport coat, tan jeans, and white dress shirt adorned with a red and angled blue striped tie. Alex sports a Metallica And Justice for All t-shirt and stone-washed black jeans. Although it is near dusk, leaving more clouds than shade,Continue reading ““Brained””


Vernon slumped on the beat up, key-scratched, elbow-smudged, cigarette-burned, blade-chopped, liquid- and vomit- and chili-cheese-stained oak bar all by himself. Slurping club soda from a highball – lemon atop the outer rim – he sat knocking out games of video solitaire – drool drops dabbing the screen –  in the far left corner of the bar. TheContinue reading “Barstools”