What’s on the Mind: Schwarzenegger Action movies from the 80s

When asked which role was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best, most will say The Terminator. It’s hard not to agree. It did fit his stoic, almost robotic, look. The artist previously viewed as Conan was now nailing the role of an emotionless monster. Arnold’s Terminator spoke a line of infamy (“I’ll be back.”) and propelled the bodybuilder-turned-actorContinue reading “What’s on the Mind: Schwarzenegger Action movies from the 80s”

Alec Baldwin: Jerk

Did this guy shoot somebody on purpose? Are we really arguing this? What kind of clown world is this? Are we that craven? Steering from reality into this tabloid fodder? If Alec Baldwin is going to be the next Tiger King, which would be a huge fall from grace for the guy, why aren’t peopleContinue reading “Alec Baldwin: Jerk”