(This material was found in an old notebook of mine. I assume that most of these writings , which you will be seeing over the next few posts, are pre-1997. I am leaving them in the condition that I found them, even though many of them suck horribly. There are no edits; however, they will eventually be updated if I see potential as I am typing these into this long-winded blog.)


Oh how the sun sets low

Beyond a field of green

Entranced thou follow the single beam

Above the dawn of Someday morn

I shall feel your touch.

To bear forth my pride

I feel the need to hold you close

Our lips tenderly part


unseen fortess

To rescue thy lady of dragon’s


How the life of her must fall.

My —

Have I confused you!?!?


Disco Alien


in medias res


3 people were left standing that day.

It moved in slow motion, like shock, as each one of them were left looking at each other in awe — jaws hanging, eyebrows raised, sweat dribbling in beads mixed with urine, down legs, while the close to non-existent, yet¬†slightly cooling, breeze whistled softly, just audible enough to be heard in the otherwise complete silence.

A tear slid down Ellen’s smeared mascara, painting her cheeks a smudged gray and brown, like a pottery maker, a clown, or maybe a desperate traveler in a dust bowl.