A Sequel To A Movie List Found (2017 edition)

Here is the list of “Worst Ones I wasted time and money on” (2017 edition). This list has not been altered. It is being copied directly from the journal page. The first list is the “Worst 5 movies” of 2017. This is followed up by the “dishonorable mentions” list. “Worst 5” 5. Baby Driver 4.Continue reading “A Sequel To A Movie List Found (2017 edition)”

A Movie List Found (2017 edition)

According to my 2017 self, these were top 10 movies (“so far”) of 2017. There is no original date listed, but there is a “As of 10/2017” note listed off to the side of the original list. Those are listed below the original list. My 2021 does not agree with all of the list exceptContinue reading “A Movie List Found (2017 edition)”

Cinema Pros/Cons 2017 (Rev. 2019)

As with every year, I have spent many hours at the various cineplexes around KC. I have seen: good and the bad; fun and boring; hilarious and unintentionally hilarious (my personal favorite on a rainy day); and all the potential “award winners” along with the most overrated pieces of junk that fall into every annualContinue reading “Cinema Pros/Cons 2017 (Rev. 2019)”