Day 1 – 9:05 p.m. Prozac dose is 40 mg once daily. It has been the same dosage for a little over nine months now, and life seems to calm most of the time. Let there be ripples. This drug does weird things to one’s emotions. At times, it feels as if there are noContinue reading “decidophobia”


(in medias res) “Because at some point, Peter Pan has to grow up.” “Why’s that? He’s Peter Pan.” “Because not everyone else is. That’s the point!” “What’s the point?” “Doesn’t it seem kind of depressing? To see all these friends and family members grow old and die for eternity? It’s like…I don’t know…some kind ofContinue reading “Gerascophobia”


Paul had a siamese twin: Sol. Paul didn’t really know his twin existed. Paul and Sol were separated after birth. Paul and Sol each had one testicle, though neither knew this about the other. Their parents – Jay and Lisa – kept it very quiet through late night or lazy, anxiety-ridden Sunday afternoons when guiltContinue reading “Siamese”