(New work – 5/22/2017. Yet another attempt at a short story. This is coming in off the cuff, so please “excuse the mess” of a work in progress.) “You didn’t, did you?” Sheila stopped in mid-walk towards the sink. “You did.” She turned around a faced him with a look of slight dismay sprinkled withContinue reading ““Telephone””

Where does it come from?

(1st shitty draft on 12/27/16    11:21 p.m.) (2nd shitty draft started 8/28/19 4:38 p.m.) Zachariah was a grocery store clerk bagger. He wore a blue vest over his clothes over red or white t-shirts because any color “just doesn’t look right.” Even though his name tag cannot fit his full first name because he choosesContinue reading “Where does it come from?”


(This was some kind of character sketch / beginning of an introduction to a character in a story. I don’t know when I originally wrote this piece, but I can assume that it was some time in the late 90s. I know I probably don’t need to say this because very few people are actuallyContinue reading “Pasty”