A Sequel To A Movie List Found (2017 edition)

Here is the list of “Worst Ones I wasted time and money on” (2017 edition). This list has not been altered. It is being copied directly from the journal page. The first list is the “Worst 5 movies” of 2017. This is followed up by the “dishonorable mentions” list. “Worst 5” 5. Baby Driver 4.Continue reading “A Sequel To A Movie List Found (2017 edition)”

Movie thoughts on American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

It’s hard to say if the producers intentionally made this hilariously bad or if they took themselves seriously enough to accidentally make this hilariously bad. Either way, it is hilariously bad. According to the documentary on Cannon films, Electric Boogaloo, the mindset of these producers was to turn and burn those flicks on the cheap.Continue reading “Movie thoughts on American Ninja 2: The Confrontation”