REEL Thoughts #2: Mannequin

You know those movies that you thought you liked as a much younger person, but then you try to rewatch thesame movie much later in life, only to find out, A) how pooryour younger movie-going taste was at that point in your life; B) movie choices were slim at the time; or, C) it’s probablyContinue reading “REEL Thoughts #2: Mannequin”

A Sequel To A Movie List Found (2017 edition)

Here is the list of “Worst Ones I wasted time and money on” (2017 edition). This list has not been altered. It is being copied directly from the journal page. The first list is the “Worst 5 movies” of 2017. This is followed up by the “dishonorable mentions” list. “Worst 5” 5. Baby Driver 4.Continue reading “A Sequel To A Movie List Found (2017 edition)”