Thoughts on Schoolin’

(Rough draft – 10/16/22) Things have changed quite a bit over the past two decades. Education is necessary. People need to learn how to navigate life. Not just navigating the basics of learning, which is necessary but sometimes not always needed every day of one’s adult life. It is important to know how to read,Continue reading “Thoughts on Schoolin’”

Class Less One

Ms. Stanwich stood, perspiring from all pores, glaring at her 7th grade class. It was a small class of eight rambunctious boys and seven insecure young ladies. “I would like to begin classzzskll with a slls-hort writing asszzskll-ignment,” Ms. Stanwich said. Her lisp was grating to the ears. The cacophony of mixed syllables that followed what shouldContinue reading “Class Less One”