10:30 p.m. Saturday Night

10:30 p.m.      Saturday night April 15th was a bit on the rainy side, but that didn’t change anything about the weekly poker game that John and the boys had every other Saturday night. Being the only unmarried / girlfriend-less guy in the group, John had the luxury of hosting the game most of the time.Continue reading “10:30 p.m. Saturday Night”


Vernon slumped on the beat up, key-scratched, elbow-smudged, cigarette-burned, blade-chopped, liquid- and vomit- and chili-cheese-stained oak bar all by himself. Slurping club soda from a highball – lemon atop the outer rim – he sat knocking out games of video solitaire – drool drops dabbing the screen –  in the far left corner of the bar. TheContinue reading “Barstools”